Vtech, a company from Hong Kong that produces toys, tablets, gadgets, and other services to help the learning process and development of children, has issued an official statement that confirms the breach in VTech’s database done by a skilled hacker.

VTech Security Breach

Details on VTech’s app database hacking incident

The VTech Learning Lodge app store database hack occurred on November 14, 2015. VTech was able to realize the hack 12 days after the app store database breach when a journalist sent them an email about the incident which prompted a comprehensive investigation inside VTech.

VTech has stated that they are shocked by the skilled database breach that happened to their app. VTech has apologized to their customers and promises to immediately rectify their security and privacy issues.

Impact of the VTech app database breach

According to VTech, the hacker was able to breach the app database of VTech that has personal information on millions of people, adults and children alike. The information hacked from VTech’s app database include 4.9 million adults’ full names, email addresses, passwords, downloads, IP addresses, and even their mailing addresses.

Other information hacked from the app store are personal information on 6.4 million children which includes the children’s names, birthdates, and genders. VTech cannot confirm at this moment if photos and actual chat conversations were also hacked.

Fortunately, VTech also announced that there was no credit card information, ID card number, and social security number was compromised during the app store data breach.

VTech’s response to the hacking incident

VTech also stated that they are very much dedicated to protect the security and privacy of all of their customers. They also stated that they are doing all they can in assisting the law enforcement agencies in their investigation to find the hackers that are responsible for the database breach of VTech’s app store.

Vtech is reviewing and examining all of the affected sites and systems. VTech also has cyber security teams that are currently trying to strengthen, tighten, and improve the security for all of their services to avoid further breaches in their system.

Vtech was also able to send emails to all of their customers one day after the discovery of the hack, to let them know about the hack on the Vtech Learning Lodge app store database hack to help the affected customers protect their privacy.

To prevent further breach, VTech has also stopped the operation for the Learning Lodge App and Kid Connect service. Learning Lodge allows customers to purchase and download learning apps, games, and books.

Kid Connect allows customers to chat with each other by using their VTech tablet. The customers will be updated by VTech on when they can resume using the VTech Learning Lodge and Kid Connect services.

VTech’s advice for their customers

Customers with VTech accounts are advised to take measures in protecting their privacy and security by changing their passwords on all sites and services that uses the same email addresses, security questions, and passwords as their VTech accounts.