Chromebooks are laptops from Google with a Chrome Operating System. According to statistical reports, about 10 percent of sales among all desktop computers, laptops, and tablets belong to Chromebook. This only shows how popular Chromebooks have become.


If you are one of the many people trying to decide if they are going to purchase a Chromebook, knowing what the gadget can or can do is very important in making an informed decision.

Knowing if you should buy a Chromebook will depend on understanding if the device will suit or fail your needs and expectations. Read on and discover the pros and cons of a Chromebook to help you decide if you should buy one.

The Pros of a Chromebook Device

1. Chromebooks are simple to learn and use
Chromebooks are simple because its main purpose is for Chrome web browsing and for using Google apps such as Google Mail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar. It is simple to learn and simple to use.

2. Chromebooks are cheap
Chromebooks usually cost from $200 to $300, which is usually about ΒΌ the price of the cheapest laptops and half the price of some tablets.

3. Chromebooks protects your security and privacy
Chromebooks cannot be affected by virus and different malwares. You will not need to install a free anti-virus or purchase a high quality anti-virus because your device is always secure and protected.

4. Chromebooks automatically updates the device
Chromebooks is able to update its Google Chrome Operating System in the background without requiring you to reboot your device or bothering you about downloading and installing the latest versions of different programs and service while you are busy using and enjoying your gadget.

The Cons of a Chromebook Device

1. Chromebook has limited capabilities

  • Apps and programs – Before buying a Chromebook, the most important to thing to consider is its capabilities. Always keep in mind that the main use of a Chromebook is for web browsing and other Google apps.
  • You will not be able to install Microsoft Office or other Microsoft services, but you will be able to use Office Web Apps, which will allow you to create basic documents, slides, and presentations.
  • You will be able to play games but only the games that are available in the Google Chrome web store.
  • You can still download from torrent sites like Bitford or JSTorrent and you can still put movies and music on your Chromebook but remember that the device generally have only 16 GB of internal storage.
  • Closing thoughts

    Chromebooks are excellent because they are simple to learn and use, they are cheap, they are secure, and they are not a hassle to use.

    However, Chromebooks have limited capabilities compared to other laptops and tablets and they have a small internal storage.
    So basically, if the reason you want an electronic device is so that you can use the internet and browse the web, or use basic and simple programs and games found in the Google Chrome apps, then you will find the Chromebook to be a wonderful and useful device for you.

    But if the reason you are buying an electronic device is so that you can do more complex and sophisticated programs and services like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office, then you might consider buying a laptop or a desktop computer.

    Just remember that in buying an electronic device, always remember your budget and the capabilities and limitations of the device you are interested in purchasing.