Samsung, a multinational business conglomerate from South Korea most famous for its electronic products, has issued an official statement through Tech Radar that Samsung has decided to stop selling all kinds of digital cameras, camcorders, and related items in the UK.

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According to their statement, the reason behind their decision to phase out their digital cameras, camcorders, and related items in the UK is due to a continuous decline in sales and demand for the said products in the UK.

The rumours have turned into reality

Rumours about Samsung’s exit from the digital camera and camcorder market started back in September 2015. The rumours became reality when Samsung decided to stop selling digital cameras and camcorders in Germany.

And now, they are doing the same to the UK by withdrawing from the digital camera and camcorder UK market. Many people still remember how Samsung also abandoned the latop market after a just few years.

Samsung’s digital camera history

Samsung entered the DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera) market almost a decade ago. Back in 2006, Samsung tied-up with Pentax, a famous Japanese brand for cameras, and announced Samsung’s own line of DSLR cameras.

Samsung entered the digital camera market almost a decade ago. They even had the goal of becoming one of the top DSLR brands in the entire world. Samsung’s first digital camera produced is the GX-1X digital camera back in 2006. In 2007, Samsung unveiled their GX-10 digital camera.

In the year 2009, the NX-series of digital cameras was launched by Samsung. In 2014, Samsung even encouraged people to replace their DLSR cameras with Samsung’s own NX30. This year, Samsung has been mostly quiet with no news about any new series of digital cameras and this is one of the reasons why rumours about Samsung quitting the digital camera division have started.

Impact of Samsung’s decision to quit the digital camera market

The consumers who are most affected negatively by Samsung’s decision to shut down their digital camera and camcorder division in the UK are the people who purchased the Samsung mirrorless NX digital camera series because they will not be able to get new upgrades for the camera series and its lenses.

Those who purchased Samsung’s mirrorless NX series will be forced to find other alternatives from other digital camera brands. Those who have invested in Samsung’s mirrorless system can choose from different brands such as with the mirrorless A7-series cameras from Sony, the mirrorless digital camera from Olympus, and the mirrorless camera from Panasonic.

The future of Samsung’s digital cameras

Rumours that Samsung will completely kill off its digital cameras and camcorders or withdraw from the DSLR market across the entirety of Europe and Australia in the future because of gradual sales and demand decline are also being reported.

Although the future of Samsung’s digital camera and camcorder division is in doubt because of sales decline, other digital camera brands are still bringing in the diversity and interest in the digital camera market for many camera enthusiasts.