Wikipedia has announced that they have developed a new AI (artificial intelligence) capable of identifying and determining badly and poorly edited articles and contributors who regularly post false and malicious content.

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Objective Revision Evaluation Service

The new artificial intelligence that Wikipedia has developed is called the Objective Revision Evaluation Service or ORES.
ORES was developed by Wikipedia’s staff and specialist with the purpose of making the Wikipedia site a more reliable and trustworthy general reference for its millions of users.

ORES works by automatically detecting, identifying, and highlighting potentially false and malicious edits and additions. An article that is found by ORES to have potentially false or malicious content will not be posted on the site. The Wikipedia editor will then be notified about the suspicious article so that the content can be assessed, examined, verified, and corrected.

Wikipedia is also developing ORES to be able to identify and detect in the future even the biased content in its articles.

Wikipedia’s solution for its problems

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia free to be used by anyone with access to the internet. The website was started and launched by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger on January 15, 2011. It is considered as the most popular reference site on the internet and is ranked among the 10 most popular websites in the world, with 18 billion page views as of February of 2014, and an average of nearly 500 million visitors every month.

One of Wikipedia features is that visitors can edit articles on the site. With over 5 million articles on the English Wikipedia site, most of those articles can be edited by anyone. Because of this feature in the Wikipedia site, many observers claim that Wikipedia articles can sometimes have content that are false of biased especially with the articles that have controversial content. Many articles have also been found to have malicious and incorrect content because of the bad edits.

Although many supporters claim that Wikipedia’s accuracy and reliability level is near the accuracy and reliability level of the popular encyclopedia called the Encyclipedia Britannica, the editing feature of the Wikipedia site will always be both an asset and a liability for its site.

It is an asset because contributors to the site who have correct and factual information can really add to the knowledge that can be read on the articles, and a liability when there is a contributor whose purpose is to troll, spam, and post malicious and false content. Human error and mistakes are also possible when editing or adding an article in Wikipedia.

A better Wikipedia for everyone

This is an exciting and innovative development from Wikipedia. Because of this news, the Wikipedia site will be more transparent and authentic. Users will rely and trust the website more and Wikipedia is going to become a more welcoming online encyclopedia for new users and those who are sceptical about the accuracy and reliability of Wikipedia. This is a great move by Wikipedia that will definitely benefit both the website and its visitors and editors as well.